40 Years ago Wanted was founded out of a passion for workforce placement mediation. Bringing together unique professionals and employers in the technical sector is the true driver of our business. We supply professionals for both the short and the long term, and on both a project basis and based on recruitment & selection.

Our selection procedure is intense, highly personalized and executed with the greatest care for both our clients and our professionals.

Because of this rigorousness, our multidisciplinary services go further than simply being a supplier of professionals. Using all of the tools at our disposal we aim to deliver fully compliant solutions, both domestically and internationally.

Our guarantees


Payrolling means transferring the legal role of employer to an external company. In this case, the employees will officially be employed by the payrolling enterprise rather than the main firm.

In the countries in which Wanted operates we make use of local payrolling companies. These payrolling companies are specialists in their areas and always up to date on the latest local legislation.

The hirer (employer) factually still remains the employer and is still in control of daily supervision. He also still executes related tasks such as determining the salary amounts and planning performance reviews. These methods enable flexibility and make sure that the labour conditions are always up to date and in compliance with local circumstances and legislation.

Advantages of payrolling

Site support

Wanted support was founded to truly relieve our clients and professionals of their worries. Our support team works day and night to answer any and all questions and inquiries from our clients and professionals. Whether it concerns issues regarding personnel, personal protective equipment, educational courses or logistics: we will be there for you. Professionals receive fitting education and are guided closely from start to end.

For larger-scale projects we offer full-service sitesupport to both our clients and professionals. From experience we know that personal contact is the key to making bigger projects run smoothly. Included herein are matters such as extra requests, PPE’s, course inquiries and timestamp registration.

Our support team ensures that:

Compliance services

At Wanted we aim to make all our services compliant with national and international legislation. It is our top-priority to ensure that not just we, but every client and employee we service is compliant with all related laws and procedures. To guarantee this compliance our procedures are continuously tested, providing us with the capability to always find the right solution both domestically and internationally.

When our in-house expertise does not suffice, we outsource legal work to local experts to guarantee full compliance in the respective country. Check the map below to see the countries for which we are able to deliver compliant solutions.

Advantages of compliance